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Eating Disorders

Are you looking to find hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and Sunderland for help to eliminate an eating disorder?. Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy in North Shields can help you.

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders

An eating disorder is an illness that results in extreme disturbances in someone’s everyday diet or eating habits.

One side of the scale is where a person eats very tiny amounts of food and at the other end of the spectrum where they eat huge amounts of food.

It is a condition which takes over a person’s life and may be connected with other conditions such as depression or substance abuse. If you need help to overcome an eating disorder consider using hypnosis for eating disorders at Quays Clinic.

Eating Disorders Are Complex

Eating disorders are very serious as well as incredibly complex conditions that affect a person mental health and physical well-being. Without treatment, these eating disorders can lead to physical ailments, diverse mood swings or even death.

What Are Eating Disorders?

Bulimia and anorexia nervosa are the main two eating disorders. Bulimia occurs when overeating becomes a compulsion. After you overeat, you try to get rid of the guilt and the calories by making yourself physically sick or by exercising excessively.

Bulimia is a powerful disorder which can have a horrible effect on your emotional and physical health.

The signs of purging are heading to the restroom straight after every meal. If you do notice a friend or family member rushing to the bathroom after they have eaten or you hear constant running water in the bathroom, quite often this is to disguise the sounds of vomiting.

This may be a sign of purging. Some other signs of purging include using an enema after eating, laxatives or vigorous exercising.

Anorexia Nervosa

  • A fear of gaining weight.
  • Refusal to keep a healthy body weight.
  • A distorted body image.

Signs Of Anorexia

  • lying about eating.
  • Pretending to eat.
  • Obsession with calories.
  • Obsessive dieting.

What Is Binge Eating?

Binge eating is not just overeating at Christmas or eating that extra piece of chocolate cake. Binge eating goes way beyond that. For binge eaters, overeating is a part of everyday part of life. It is something that they cannot control no matter how much they try.

What Is Comfort Eating?

Comfort eating is beyond eating to fill a hunger or need. People that comfort eat tend to do so to eliminate stress and anxiety. The problem is that comfort eating does not actually fix any problems.

Eating Disorders Facts

Three out of every five women in the United States of America are very unhappy with the way they look. Two out of every four women think they are overweight, but the reality is that only one out of four needed to engage in losing weight.

It’s very sad that a lot of girls start dieting by the age of 8 years old. Weight management is tough but dealing with an eating disorder is much tougher.


One of the best ways to deal with eating disorders is to use hypnotherapy which can be used to eliminate the initial sensitizing events that cause the problems in the first place. Clinical hypnotherapist Ian Smith at Quays Clinic in North Shields has a fantastic success rate in helping his clients to overcome their eating disorders.

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If you are looking to find hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Sunderland or County Durham because you are concerned that you might have an eating disorder, invest in your own health and wellness by giving hypnotherapist Ian Smith a call.

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