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Panic Attacks

Are you looking to find hypnosis in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, and Gateshead for help to eliminate panic attacks? Quays Clinic in North Shields can help you. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith is an Internationally respected therapist.  Talk to hypnotherapist Ian Smith today!

Hypnotherapy Near Newcastle For Panic Attacks

Many people have a friend who unfortunately suffers from panic attacks. When an anxiety attack takes place it can be quite frightening to someone who sees it for the first time.

In most cases, the panic only lasts for a few minutes and then subsides. Just give the person having the panic attack plenty of reassurance and support until the panic stops.

What Is A Panic Attack?

A panic attack is a chemical and physical response to a “fight or flight” situation. Psychologically a panic attack is triggered off when a person comes into a situation that to the mind looks similar to a recorded traumatic event of the past.

Quite often a person is totally oblivious to the traumatic event that was recorded and doesn’t understand what is taking place and why the panic is happening to them. The physical feelings of a panic attack by far exceed the physical symptoms of normal anxiety.

Quite often the sufferer will tell you that they are having a heart attack and are going to die. Many sufferers are taken to the emergency room thinking they are having a heart attack when in fact they are having a panic attack.

Watch For Symptoms

Although a panic attack can look and feel rather severe, these types of anxiety attacks are easy to alleviate if caught early. A person can be trained to use advanced self-hypnosis techniques to control the situation they are in to stop the panic from happening.

An easy way to overcome panic is to pick a focal point somewhere in front of you, slow your breathing down, and drink some water. Since this is often hard to do when one is experiencing severe anxiety. If the panic attacks persist or get worse a person may need professional help from a clinical hypnotherapist in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Panic Attack Symptoms

  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Nausea.
  • Fear of dying.
  • Body temperature rises.
  • Concern that you can’t breathe.
  • Absolute fear.
  • Dizziness.
  • Cold sweats.
  • Clammy skin.

Help Is Available

For those who have had multiple anxiety attacks or have been diagnosed with a panic disorder, there are many different techniques that professionals use to help people with overcoming anxiety attacks.

For some people, simply learning meditation and relaxation techniques to overcome triggers to their disorder will help. Others need extensive therapy to overcome the anxiety issues that keep them from maintaining a normal existence.

Understanding what triggers a panic attack is very important. Once you learn what the triggers are you can begin to either control them or within a short period of time eliminate them so that you can return back to a normal life.

Contact Quays Clinic Today

Having a panic attack is nothing to be ashamed of at all, many world leaders, athletes, movie stars, and business professionals have succumbed to anxiety and suffered these types of attacks. What is important is that you seek professional help straight away.

One of the proven methods of eliminating panic attacks and anxiety attacks is by using hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne at Quays Clinic. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith has helped many people to eliminate their panic attacks.

Ian Smith (Distinction) D.Hyp  T.F.T  M.U.F.H. Telephone: 0774 3353367

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