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Hypnotherapy Near Sunderland Workplace Stress

Are you looking to find hypnotherapy near Sunderland for help with workplace stress? Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy in North Shields can help you. If you are suffering from stress at work, talk to hypnotherapist Ian Smith today.

Hypnotherapy Near Sunderland Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is one of the leading causes of several things including having to take time off work, poor health conditions, workplace violence, and many other reasons for quitting a job.

Stress at work often leads to problems outside the office which include relationship problems. Learning about stress and what causes stress is essential if you want to overcome the symptoms.

What Is Stress?

Stress is anything that causes mental, physical, or emotional pain to an individual.

Overcome Stressful Situations

  • Do not instantly react to the situation because you will most likely say or do something that you regret.
  • Take a step back from the situation for a few moments and then deal with the situation.
  • If you are confronted by an uncomfortable situation, walk away from it, cool down a little bit, and then go back to the situation and deal with the stressful event.
  • Ask a friend or colleague for help.

Stress At Work

One of the main types of stress at work is chronic stress. This is most often caused by either long hours, harsh conditions, or a pattern of constant mental health anguish or physical exertion.

Many of these jobs require way too much from employees and this chronic stress is a leading cause of many ailments including heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and many other problems often resulting in a shorter life expectancy.

What one often needs in this situation is a good pattern of work and off work time. The off-work time is used for mental relaxation and to enjoy the time off with family and friends. This “no stress” time will help the mind and body to heal themselves and allow the individual to resume working as the schedule resumes.

What Is PTSD?

For those who work in dangerous situations such as firefighting, police work, or military there is the issue of post-traumatic stress. This is often due to a single acute stress event or multiple events where a person is placed in life or death situations and forced to act. They often may have to see people die or even kill others.

This places severe emotional stress on the mind and often leads to lifelong trauma. Most often this type of stress is best handled by a professional hypnotherapist in Sunderland.

Relationship Stress At Work

Another type of workplace stress is caused by the personal relationship problems that we often make with co-workers which leads to emotional stress. This can be caused by harsh criticism from managers, office politics, or other issues. In this case, stress management can be easily attained by keeping personal issues and relationships out of the workplace.

You can also manage single events by learning stress-relief techniques including deep breathing, meditation, and simply walking during breaks. This breaks the stress cycle that often occurs at work and brings a sense of mental relaxation to the mind and physical relaxation to the body.

Contact Quays Clinic Today

If you are looking to find hypnotherapy near Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Gateshead to overcome your stress, contact Quays Clinic. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith is an Internationally respected hypnotist who has many years of professional experience in helping his clients with overcoming stress and anxiety symptoms.

Ian Smith (Distinction) D.Hyp  T.F.T  M.U.F.H. Telephone: 0774 3353367.

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