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Hypnotherapists In North Shields Social Phobias

Are you looking to find hypnotherapists in North Shields for help with social phobias? Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy can help you. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith is an Internationally respected therapist. Talk to Ian Smith today.

Hypnotherapists In North Shields Social Phobias

Firstly it’s very important to learn all about phobias. Learning about phobias helps to understand how some people suffer from them and why. A phobia is a fear of something and can be seen by someone watching a person react to a phobia as funny or absolutely silly.

Any hypnotherapist in North Shields will tell you that someone who suffers from a fear or phobia is not making things up, the symptoms are very realThere are many instances in which a phobia can be eliminated. Hypnotherapy in North Shields will help you to overcome your fear.

What Causes Phobias

Most social phobias are caused by initial sensitizing traumatic events from a person’s past. In many cases, the initial sensitizing event comes from a person’s childhood experiences which have long been forgotten about. If the sufferer of the social phobia knows what the traumatic event is then the phobia is really easy to eliminate using hypnotherapy.

If the event isn’t known, hypnotherapy “regression” techniques can be used to find the initial sensitizing event and eliminate the trauma. Once the trauma is eliminated at a subconscious level in the mind the stress and anxiety associated with the phobia disappear.

A Brief List Of Phobias:

  • Agliophobia is the fear of pain.
  • Acrophobia is the fear of heights.
  • Aviophobia is the fear of flying.
  • Dentophobia is a dental phobia.
  • Phobophobia is the phobia of phobias.
  • Phronemophobia is the fear of thinking.
  • Pediculophobia is the fear of lice.
  • Peniaphobia is the fear of poverty.
  • Botanophobia is the fear of plants.
  • Cacophobia is the fear of ugliness.

Strange Phobias:

  • Bolshephobia is the fear of Bolsheviks.
  • Carthisophobia is the fear of sitting.
  • Clinophobia is the fear of going to bed.
  • Consecotaleophobia is the fear of chopsticks.
  • Dipsophobia is the fear of drinking.
  • Epistemophobia is the fear of knowledge.

Social Phobias And Panic Attacks

As you can clearly see, there is a phobia for everything under the sun, including the sun. Vertigo is a common symptom when someone experiences an anxiety attack, panic attack, or other symptoms when confronted with a phobia. Social anxiety phobias are very common but are more commonly diagnosed as mental health illnesses.

These phobias are often treated by a psychologist with medication and/or therapeutic sessions. Anxiety disorders often stem from phobias. The fear raises your heartbeat and causes excess adrenaline to be produced in your body. Anxiety disorders can be dangerous if they are not treated by a hypnotherapist in North Shields.

Phobias Are Real

Many people who suffer from phobias are ridiculed because of their fear. It is important to realize that for these people, these fears are justified and very real. It affects their performance in social settings, and social phobia help is often needed to help them in these situations so that they can function normally and fit in.

There are a variety of treatment options available with a lot of them being exercises to overcome the phobia. By far the best ways to overcome fears and phobias are with hypnotherapy in North Shields, thought field therapy, and NLP.

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If you are looking to find hypnotherapists in North Shields, Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland make Quays Clinic your first phone call. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith is an Internationally respected hypnotist who has many years of professional experience in dealing with social phobias.

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