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Hypnotherapy Near Gosforth Hypnosis Gosforth

Are you looking to find hypnotherapy near Gosforth for help with quitting smoking or weight loss? Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy in North Shields can help you. Get the help you need today. Talk to hypnotherapist Ian Smith.

Hypnotherapy Near Gosforth

Did you make a New Years Resolution to stop smoking or lose weight in 2019? People make New Year’s Resolutions all the time. They make them to quit smoking, to lose weight, increase confidence, and exercise more. Many, however, fail with their resolution. This is not because they do not wish to, this is because they simply cannot do it on their own.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy training is without a doubt the very best means of helping individuals to achieve any objective they wish to.

Do not wait till New Years Eve, begin today.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of sensory awareness when focused concentration happens. When this natural state of mind takes place we have the tendency to be in a hypnotic trance-like state where we are more aware of our surroundings.

Hypnosis is nothing to be afraid of because it’s a natural state of mind. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis and you most certainly cannot be made to do or say something that you do not wish to do.

All hypnosis is simply self-hypnosis which is utilized in professional hypnotherapy in Gosforth to by-pass the analyzing mind to acquire access to the subconscious mind where all an individual’s habits, behaviors, and emotions are stored. This is where hypnotherapy would then be used to change bad habits like smoking, binge eating.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is simply a skill that hypnotherapists in Gosforth utilize to alter unwanted behaviors and habits at a subconscious level psychologically. Hypnotherapy in Gosforth can be used for stopping smoking, weight management and to alter unwanted habits like skin picking or nail-biting.

Hypnotherapy can also be put to good use when improving your own personal self-development. Hypnotherapy is where a  hypnotist in Gosforth uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other psychological techniques to change habits, behaviors, and emotions at a subconscious level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most usual questions everyone asks are:

  • Can hypnotherapy help a person to stop smoking? Absolutely yes.
  • Does hypnotherapy for weight loss actually work? Yes as long as hypnotherapy is combined with regular exercise, healthy eating, and your own determination to become successful.
  • Is hypnosis real? Yes, it’s a natural phenomenon.
  • Will I be under hypnosis? No, you will be aware of everything that is taking place.
  • Will I do something that I don’t want to do? Absolutely not. You can’t be controlled when in hypnosis. You will only do things that you want to do.
  • Will I be asleep? Hypnosis is not the same as sleep, it’s a heightened state of mental awareness.
  • Is it alright to drive after my hypnotherapy session? Yes perfectly fine to drive after your session.
  • If I choose to can I exit hypnosis when I want to? Yes, you can.

Hypnotherapy Near Gosforth

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, or Sunderland, do not be afraid to ask questions when you phone a hypnotherapist. When you attend your appointment the therapist is going to want to know all about your case history before any work commences. Some habits like that of quitting smoking can be treated in one or two sessions, other psychological problems may need more.

Contact Quays Clinic Today

If you are looking to find hypnotherapists near Gosforth to help you with quitting smoking, weight loss, or stress management call Quays Clinic today. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith is an Internationally respected therapist who is an expert in helping people to quit smoking.

Ian Smith (Distinction) D.Hyp  T.F.T  M.U.F.H. Telephone: 0774 3353367.

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